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Institute backs de-commisioning of ‘gay marriage’ Bishop – Now defrock him

Colin Hart, Director of the Christian Institute said today

“I strongly welcome the decision of the Bishop of Ripon to de-commission Derek Rawcliffe. I am at a loss to understand why he is not to be defrocked. He will still be able to operate as a ‘normal’ clergyman in the Ripon Diocese. This is quite shocking.”

Derek Rawcliffe’s pro-gay views are well known. He has blessed ‘gay marriages’ and advocates that ‘ideally’ the age of consent for homosexuals should be reduced to the age of puberty. For many boys and girls this could be as young as 10½ years according to medical authorities. “

In a letter to a Homosexual newspaper in August Derek Rawcliffe advocated that

‘Ideally, starting with the age of puberty we don’t need an age of consent for gay sex, though I think 14 would be reasonable. But we do need laws to protect everyone from unwanted, harassing sexual advances and all kinds of rape’

Colin Hart went on to state

“Given the explosion in cases of child abuse and paedophilia it is self evident that our present laws and policing systems have failed to protect children. I shudder to think what would happen if Parliament took Bishop Rawcliffe’s advice.”

“The Archbishop of Canterbury must now stop the gay service in Southwark Cathedral. All Bishops must publicly affirm Christian teaching that sex is only for heterosexual marriage. “


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