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Homosexuality and Young People

You are invited to a NEWS CONFERENCE at the church of St. Andrews Undershaft, St Mary Axe off Leadenhall Street (In the City of London). Nearest underground stations are Liverpool Street, Bank or Monument on Wednesday 1st April 1998 at 10:15am (coffee) or 10:30am, for the launch of a report to be published on Wednesday:

The 106 page report uses studies by leading researchers. The report contradicts claims by groups such as Stonewall that

  1. ‘sexual orientation is fixed by 16’
  2. young men do not need protecting from homosexual recruitment.

The report objectively outlines

  1. What some homosexuals think of Stonewall’s demands
  2. How local authorities such as Islington, Camden and Manchester are promoting homosexuality to young people
  3. What homosexual researchers admit about the ‘gay lifestyle’
  4. The evidence from medical and criminal statistics
  5. Why young homosexual men are at particularly high risk of acquiring HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Some extracts from the report are found in the leaflet “Homosexuality: the facts” (enclosed).

The news conference will be chaired by Rev David Holloway, Vicar of Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne and Council member of The Christian Institute and REFORM, the Anglican Campaigning organisation.

Embargoed until 11.00 hours Wednesday 1st April 1998

Homosexuality and Young People – a common sense examination of the secular facts

A new report challenges the claims of ‘gay rights’ campaigners on their own territory. It draws on studies by gay researchers or those sympathetic to their cause as well as general social and medical research.

In May or June Parliament is expected to debate reducing the age of homosexual consent from 18 to 16; there will also be attempts to abolish the offence of gross indecency and to repeal Clause 28 – the law which bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

Colin Hart, Director of the Institute, and co-author of the report said today

“If ‘gay rights’ campaigners make claims, we are perfectly entitled to examine them. This is what we have done. People who disagree with our report will now have to argue with the facts we present. They cannot say it is just a matter of religious belief.

According to the leading UK study some 70% of men believe that sex between men is always or mostly wrong. The largest and most detailed study finds that only 0.3% of men are exclusively homosexual, whilst official Government statistics now show that only 0.1% of households are headed by a homosexual couple. The facts contradict Kinsey’s often repeated ‘one in ten’ claim.”

Promoting homosexuality to young people

“Our report shows clear evidence that local authorities are promoting homosexuality in schools. Children’s books in Islington Libraries promote ‘homosexual families’. Camden and Islington NHS Trust published a ‘gay-is-good’ classroom guide for primary and secondary teachers. It is a neat way of avoiding Clause 28.”

“Other local authorities appear not to worry about promoting homosexuality. Manchester City Council has sponsored a whole internet site, including details of where homosexual men can commit gross indecency : ‘Going under the canal can be one of the highlights of a visit to the village…Don’t take any valuables with you.'”

Sexual orientation is not fixed by 16

“One of the key claims by gay rights campaigners is that ‘sexual orientation is fixed by 16’. All the main academic studies show that young men can go through a phase of being attracted to men. In the overwhelming majority of cases they grow out of it. Even where there is youthful homosexual experimentation it is often a single occurrence.

Young people who engage in homosexual activity are particularly at risk from acquiring disease including HIV. This is acknowledged by the BMA, but their answer is to campaign further for ‘safer sex’. But the statistical risks of HIV infection are so high that those who have ever had anal intercourse are banned from giving blood in the UK. Condom manufacturers have been unable to devise a safety standard for anal intercourse.

Some leading gay rights campaigners have publicly called for an age of consent of 14 or lower.”