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Graphic sex lessons to follow Section 28 repeal

School children in England and Wales could be told to buy condoms for homework if Section 28 is repealed. Scottish schoolchildren face this prospect under a lesson in the Scottish Executive’s package of proposals set to replace Section 28 on Thursday.

Other plans in Scotland include:

  • teaching secondary pupils about the “full range of sexual activities” including group sex, sado masochism and anal intercourse
  • encouraging pupils to role play homosexual characters
  • getting primary pupils to write stories about lesbian families
  • demonstrating condoms using plastic penises (wired for ejaculation)
    1. encouraging boys to try out condoms “the next time they masturbate” as useful practice “for the first time they will use one with a partner”.
    2. Despite the specific promises made by the Prime Minister, all the activities feature in textbooks specifically recommended by the Scottish Executive for use in schools after the repeal of Section 28.

      On the day that Section 28 is repealed in Scotland (Thursday 29th March), The Christian Institute publishes details of the explicit lessons directly taken from the Scottish Executive’s key list of sex education resources.

      Extracts from the classroom materials and lesson plans recommended by the Executive are reproduced in The Christian Institute’s report, entitled “Sex Lessons for Kids”.

      The Institute has also published its “Manifesto for Marriage”, a positive statement of the principles which should govern sex education.

      Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said today

      “These materials are positively recommended for classroom use by the Scottish Executive. This shows what the Executive really thinks should be being taught to Scottish pupils. The Prime Minister promised that children would not have to take part in homosexual role play – but under the Executive’s own classroom resources children have to act out homosexual characters in class.

      The promotion of homosexuality is a significant feature of these classroom resources. This is the sort of thing we can expect to see more of if Section 28 is repealed in England and Wales.

      There are already too many pressures on young people today. The last thing parents want is for school teachers to ask their child to role play homosexuals or to write stories about lesbian families.”

      “Sex Lessons for Kids” also shows how, in a related move, the Executive’s £3 million sexual health programme Healthy Respect will fund

    3. the development of a homosexual website for young people which allows access to video and still pornography, gay escort services and homosexual saunas. All of this appalling material is made to appear within the project’s own website.
      1. Lothian Health’s schools’ work which includes classroom discussion materials covering an unbelievable range of sexual activities and lessons so explicit that teachers are warned that pupils may become sexually aroused in class.