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Government forces through gay adoption

The best interests of children have been ignored by the Government tonight after Peers voted by 215 to 184 in favour of plans to allow homosexual and cohabiting couples to adopt children.

Speaking today, The Christian Institute’s Director, Colin Hart, said:

“The Christian Institute is very saddened that the Government has forced through this gay-rights measure. Gay adoption will do nothing to meet the needs of vulnerable children in care. It only serves the interests of a minority of adults. The Government has completely ignored the public’s views on this issue. A recent ICM opinion poll conducted in the Prime Minister’s Sedgefield constituency showed that 71% of parents who expressed a view were opposed to homosexual adoption.

“In Monday’s debate in the House of Commons MPs had, in effect, argued that children have the ‘right’ to be adopted by couples who have not made a commitment to each other and that the best interests of children can somehow be met by gay adoption. MPs were more concerned about stigmatising adult relationship choices than about the best interests of thousands of vulnerable children. All the evidence shows that children are best brought up in a married household where there is a mother and a father in a permanent relationship.

“The reason that there are too few adoptions is that there is too much bureaucracy and political correctness in the current system. At the moment, 90% of adoption enquirers are either put off or rejected. That figure is too high and the Government has certainly started to address this problem, resulting in a doubling of the numbers of children adopted from care since 1997. The Government should have focussed on continuing to improve the adoption process so that more needy children can be placed into stable, loving married families. Alas, it has chosen not to do so. It is the children which will have to suffer the consequences.”