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Glasgow theatre wants school kids to see anti-Christian hate show

School children in Glasgow are being encouraged to see a show that contains hundreds of explicit swear words and extreme sexual references. School parties are being targeted in advertising for Jerry Springer The Opera at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow (see advert from Sunday Herald, 19 February 2006, page 64).

The show caused a storm last year when the BBC decided to broadcast it. The DVD has been given an 18 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification because of its extreme content. The show’s own website says it is not suitable for children under 16. According to Glasgow City Council, the King’s receives £418,000 of council taxpayer’s money each year.

The controversial opera is also extremely blasphemous. It features God the Father, Jesus Christ, Mary, Adam and Eve and Satan as warring guests on a special edition of the Jerry Springer show – staged in Hell. It includes a portrayal of Jesus as a childish, foul-mouthed woman-beater with a sexual predilection for human excrement and who declares himself to be ‘a bit gay’. It also features an attempt by Eve to masturbate Jesus. Mary is said to have been ‘raped by God’.

Speaking today, Colin Hart (Director of The Christian Institute) said: “The King’s Theatre is being extremely irresponsible in targeting school parties with its advertising for Jerry Springer The Opera. This hate show is not suitable for adults, let alone school children. I am sure that schools in Glasgow are far too sensible to take up the offer. Not only is the show offensive for its extreme language and sexual references, it is spitefully prejudiced against the Christian faith. I am appalled that a publicly funded body should be so contemptuous of Christians. The King’s Theatre should respect the religious beliefs of its patrons. Genuine religious debate and criticism is one thing, but this show is an offensive, spiteful, systematic mockery and wilful denigration of Christian belief. It is inconceivable that the King’s Theatre would stage a hate show that abused the prophet Mohammed or Guru Nanak in the same way. Why is Christianity singled out for such gratuitous and spiteful abuse?”