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Glasgow forced not to promote homosexuality

The case brought by Sheena Strain against Glasgow City Council ended prematurely today. Documents produced at the last moment by Glasgow could have triggered an adjournment and new date in Court which could not have been allocated before the repeal of Section 28.

Christian Institute Director, Colin Hart, said today:

“At the eleventh hour Glasgow City Council have produced a three year paperchase of documents to string out the legal proceedings beyond the date of repeal.

Glasgow have used a procedural delay to get themselves off the hook, but they have also been forced to promise not to promote homosexuality whilst Section 28 is in force. I am very disappointed indeed that Glasgow children will not have the protection of a legal ruling on the appalling materials which were the subject of this case.

However I am delighted that Glasgow have been forced to make a promise not to promote homosexuality whilst Section 28 is in force. Glasgow have been forced to ban all groups they fund from promoting homosexuality. Glasgow have also been forced to pay their own costs.

Despite being aware of the case since 12th May (seven weeks ago) Glasgow only produced their response to the case a day before the hearing. I am confident that it could have been demolished, but at least one more day in Court would be needed. However Glasgow well knows that due to the Lockerbie trial and the summer holiday, the next free days in the Court of Session are not until September.

I can understand why Glasgow did not want the case to be heard. Most of Mrs Strain’s evidence was based on direct admissions by the Council-backed groups themselves. They made no secret of the fact that an explicit booklet, Gay Sex Now, was available at a youth group and that children as young as 12 had attended.

The photographs of naked men involved in a staggering range of homosexual acts and the varied activities involving human excrement and urine all defy description.

Glasgow City Council has given over a hundred thousand pounds to a group which peddles material glamorising homosexual activity in public places as “the best buzz there is”.

Sheena Strain has always supported the provision of health and social care for homosexuals. This was never the part of the legal action. The case was about peddling homosexual pornography to youngsters. That is why we were happy to support Mrs Strain.

Glasgow’s tactics have made it impossible for the Court to hear the case in the time available. Glasgow children are the losers because there will be no legal ruling.

Nevertheless we are delighted that once again Glasgow have had to promise to be on good behaviour. This is a promise that we will hold them to. We will be watching them.”


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Sheena Strain v Glasgow Council

Wording to be included in a covering letter with any grant payment made prior to the coming into force of s25 of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Bill 2000.

“These grant monies must be spent on the purpose for which it is allocated, as indicated by your organisation at the time of application. Any proposed changes in this respect must only be made in consultation with an authorised officer of this department. For the avoidance of doubt, in respect that the purposes indicated by your organisation at the time of application did not include the promotion of homosexuality but were confined to the provision of services and education to HIV and AIDS sufferers and their carers and the provision of education and training in respect of AIDS and HIV, it shall continue to be the position that Glagow City Council will adhere to the law covering the non-promotion of homosexuality and will continue to do so until the repeal of the current law when s25 of the The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Bill 2000 comes into effect and thereafter will adhere to any new legislation or guidance. They therefore understand that you will not spend these monies for the purpose of promoting homosexuality nor shall they be used for the publication of any material which promotes homosexuality.”