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Gay rights – not with our money

In the latest edition of its magazine The Advocate, The Christian Institute speaks out against the decision of the NatWest bank to sponsor two major gay rights events. The first was Stonewall’s tenth anniversary dinner for 500 at the Savoy, the second is to be Stonewall’s fringe meeting at the forthcoming Labour Party Conference.

News that customers are closing their accounts as a result is headline news in the religious press this week.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Institute, said today:

“Stonewall believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children and that homosexuality should be promoted in schools. By bankrolling Stonewall’s public events NatWest is backing this agenda.

Customers are closing their accounts with NatWest because they find it offensive that bank profits made from their money could be used in this way.”

Paedophilia sponsored by public libraries

The Institute’s Advocate magazine also highlights the way in which public money is being used to promote homosexuality and even paedophilia (pages 17-19). Researchers at the Institute have discovered that Birmingham City Library stocks Paedophilia – the Radical Case, an obscene book which argues for the legalisation of homosexual and heterosexual paedophilia.

Meanwhile, Islington Council, in its special library guide for homosexuals, is recommending the book “Out of bounds” which it describes as “a romantic and touching novel showing the forbidden love of a school teacher for one of his pupils and the many hazards therein. Set in the idyllic surroundings of an English boys school, the love blossoms around the cricket field”

Speaking today Simon Calvert said:

“Section 28 bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools and by local authorities. If this law is repealed (as Government Ministers have pledged to gay rights groups) there will be very serious consequences – for children in state schools and for others who will increasingly be confronted with this sort of thing being promoted by their local authorities. Our research has only touched the tip of the iceberg of what is going on up and down the country. Section 28 is the only safeguard. It is vital that it stays and vital that it is enforced.”