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Gay marriage and homosexual adoption rights – a sure vote loser

The Christian Institute today spoke out against the vote by the Liberal Democat conference to support civil partnerships and adoption rights for homosexuals.

Colin Hart, Director of the Institute, said today:

“Marriage is based on biology not ideology. Marriage is not an arbitrary construct which can be changed by a political vote. It is a God-given estate based on the complementary nature of men and women and how they support and complete one another.

Once you abandon marriage as being based on nature, there is no end to it. If two men can marry, why not three or four? Why stop there? Why can’t a person marry their pet or their toaster?

The idea of giving adoption rights to homosexuals is quite extraordinary. Children need a male and female role model. To deliberately deprive them of this because of gay rights ideology is particularly cruel.”

Roger Smith, a Lib Dem member from Bournemouth added :

“I am appalled that my party should be considering same sex unions. If the party continues with this mad-cap idea it will become unelectable since most people see no need to change the law. Marriage is intended to be between men and women. Basic biology tells you that.

“I am certain that there will be Lib Dem parliamentary candidates who oppose this at the next election. I was very pleased to note that the Lib Dem Deputy First Minister in Scotland, Jim Wallace, has already ruled out the possibility of same sex unions in the proposed divorce law reform in Scotland. I trust that good sense will prevail with the UK party leader.”

Colin Hart continued:

“As has been said before, the crux of the issue is this: Is it better for children to be spawned in random relations, or is it better for them to be begotten in arrangements in which their parents are bound to their offspring by the ties of law as well as nature.(1)

If other human relationships are equated to marriage then marriage would cease to be privileged. In fact, it would be denigrated.

A simple example shows how this is so. Disabled parking is provided to those with a disability. If the right to park in disabled parking spaces was extended to others then there would be no privilege at all for disabled people.

Gay partnership rights do not extend a definition, they demolish a principle at the heart of family life.

According to the General Household Survey same sex couples only make up 0.3% of households. Yet because of this tiny minority the Lib Dem conference wants to scrap the definition of Christian marriage.”


(1) Professor Hadley Arkes, Amherst College USA.