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Gay lessons will manipulate children

School children in Scotland should not be manipulated into believing that homosexual practice is exciting and morally right. Yet, according to a report from a Christian research organisation, this is precisely what is happening now. The repeal of Section 28 will open the flood-gates to the promotion of homosexuality and increasingly explicit sex education materials.

A new report from The Christian Institute “The Case for Keeping Section 28” has uncovered:

  1. Publicly funded pornographic material used to promote homosexuality to children;
  2. Inconsistent sex education policies of local and health authorities some promote marriage, others want homosexuality promoted and marriage “avoided at all costs”;
  3. Public bodies that advise homosexuals on committing illegal sexual acts in public.
  4. The first half of the report criticises the arguments put by the Scottish Executive who want to repeal Section 28. The second half reveals how councils and health authorities are currently getting around the law.

    North Ayrshire, and the Western Isles have been singled out for praise for teaching responsible sex education programmes.

    However, the report reveals many findings that give serious cause for concern:

    1. Glasgow City Council (£50,000) and Glasgow Health Board (£134,000) funded the setting up of PHACE West and its “Bi-G-LES” youth project for children as young as 12. The youth project gives out a booklet called Gay Sex Now. The online version of the booklet includes pornographic images of anal intercourse and oral sex.


      and – press the Gay Sex Now button

    2. The Education Authority in Midlothian is leading a project with two gay groups to improve the “level and relevance” of sex education to gay, lesbian and bisexual young people. To that end, the Council recommends the use of a voyeuristic sex model of a life size penis with “ejaculation function”. The model comes complete with a tub of fake semen.
    3. The Health Authority in Grampian has produced a teaching pack that says “resources which advocate monogamy/marriage as a solution to HIV should be avoided at all costs”!
    4. The University of Strathclyde has produced teaching guides that encourage teachers to promote homosexuality. The guidelines even say that teachers should tell children how to improve their sexual technique and increase their knowledge of a wide range of sexual practices.
    5. Two books recommended by councils including Midlothian, Falkirk and Borders promote homosexual families. The books incorporate a half-hour lesson for 10-year-olds on masturbation and discussion pointers include, among other things, multiple orgasms.
    6. Fife Men Project funded by Fife Health Board gives tips to homosexuals on performing sexual acts in public. Detailed legal advice is provided on “cottaging and cruising” and what to do if you are arrested.
    7. A publicly funded gay group in Edinburgh have produced a gay guide to the city. It includes a section on cottaging and cruising. It also reviews gay pubs, clubs and sex shops giving them marks for “totty factor” and the quality of their toilets.
    8. Outside of education, Section 28 has been used to block the funding of gay rights events in Edinburgh, Lothian Region, and Aberdeen. But the Institute report shows how vast sums of public money funded Glasgow’s “Glasgay!”

      Colin Hart, Director of the Institute said today:

      “The Scottish School Boards Association have warned that the repeal of Section 28 will lead to the use of pornographic teaching packs in schools. Today the Christian Institute’s report shows just how true their warning is.

      Some 70% of Scots men believe that homosexual practice is wrong. The Scottish public must be told that they are currently funding the recruitment of young people to the gay lifesytle and homosexual experimentation amongst the young. To cap it all their taxes are funding “cruising” guides which give tips on where to have sex in public places and what to do if you are arrested by the police.

      Section 28 was introduced because some councils, particularly in England, were spending inordinate amounts of money promoting homosexuality in schools. Our report shows that there are serious problems in Scotland. If Section 28 were to go the situation would quickly get out of control.”


      The Case for Keeping Section 28 (ISBN 1 901086 07 0) is published on Wednesday 5th January at £2.50 (inc p+p) and is available from The Christian Institute, PO Box 23282 Edinburgh EH1 2XU