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‘Gay cake’ case: Court of Appeal hearing today

Statement by Daniel McArthur of Ashers Baking Company made at 9.30am today outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast.

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“Two years ago today we were asked to help promote a campaign to redefine marriage in Northern Ireland.

“We never imagined that two years later we would find ourselves still living with the consequences of that request.

“We never imagined that the Equality Commission would try to force us to promote that campaign. Or that the County Court would agree with them.

“So we’re here again today, and we’re hoping this court will rule that we are not required to endorse a view that goes against our conscience.

“The Attorney General’s involvement confirms there are big issues at stake. This was never just a case about one little bakery in Belfast. It’s always had implications for freedom of expression throughout the UK.

“Throughout God has graciously sustained us, even though we’re just weak sinners.

“The Gospel says we’re all sinners and God is the great Judge. None of us can hope to stand before Him on the strength of our own goodness because we don’t have any.

“But Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, died an atoning death, and rose from the dead so that we can be reconciled to God.

“This is the hope that sustains us, and will sustain us whether we win or lose in court this week.”

[Statement ends]

Simon Calvert, spokesman for The Christian Institute, which is backing the case said:

“The McArthur family have had to wait a long time for this hearing. It’s been a privilege for those of us at The Christian Institute to support them and to stand alongside them. They have been so patient and gracious about the whole thing, and so appreciative of everybody’s support.

“Now it’s over to the lawyers to make their arguments in court. It’s going to be an interesting few days. We think our case is a robust one and we trust that the judges will see it the same way.”

During the hearing the following are available for comment at the court:

  1. Simon Calvert, The Christian Institute, 07802 796512, simon.calvert@
  2. Dr Sharon James, Coalition for Marriage, 07738 355791