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Gay cake case: Ashers Baking Company prepare Supreme Court appeal bid

Ashers Baking Company has confirmed that it plans to launch an appeal to the UK Supreme Court over the ‘gay cake’ case.

Earlier this week the Attorney General for Northern Ireland was refused the right to refer the devolution issues in the case to the Supreme Court.

But last week, following a hearing at the Court of Appeal in Belfast, three judges refused leave to appeal but Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan left the way open for the firm to take the matter further when he stated:

“We refuse leave to appeal; we consider the matter should be properly left to the Supreme Court.”

Ashers is run by the McArthur family who are being backed in their legal battle by The Christian Institute and their spokesman said:

“Ashers Baking Company will take the necessary legal steps to instigate a Supreme Court appeal on this crucially important matter as soon as possible and papers must be lodged early in the New Year.”