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Fife Council backs sleazy sex guide for schoolchildren

Following the revelations in The Scotsman about the Executive’s recommended list of resources for sex lessons, The Christian Institute has discovered that Fife Council is actually promoting the use of the very same explicit materials in Fife Schools.

Fife Council have recommended that secondary schools use Taking Sex Seriously. Pupils are told to buy condoms for homework in the highly inappropriate teaching resource.

Other lessons include:

  • teaching secondary pupils about the “full range of sexual activities” including group sex, sado masochism and anal intercourse
  • encouraging pupils to role play homosexual characters
  • getting primary pupils to write stories about lesbian families
    1. demonstrating condoms using plastic penises (wired for ejaculation). Encouraging boys to try out condoms “the next time they masturbate” as useful practice “for the first time they will use one with a partner”.
    2. The lessons have been exposed in a new report, Sex Lessons For Kids, published by The Christian Institute which has called on the Education Minister, Jack McConnell, to withdraw the explicit lessons and remove the resources from the Executive’s recommended list. So far the Executive has refused.

      Speaking today Colin Hart, Director of the Institute said:

      “Taking Sex Seriously is irredeemably bad. The book should never been used in schools. I am appalled that it has been recommended by Fife Council.

      The Scotsman has called the book “a pervert’s primer”. I hope that Fife will withdraw their recommendation that this book be used in Fife schools.”