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Euro Court stops forced pay-outs for gay partners

The Christian Institute today welcomed the decision of the European Court of Justice in the Grant v South West Trains case.

Lesbian activists had sought to force employers to recognise homosexual partnerships using the Equal Treatment Directive. The European Court of Justice has overturned an earlier recommendation from the Advocate General. He had backed the argument put by the lesbian couple’s barrister, Cherie Blair, that the Directive should be extended to cover homosexual partnerships.

Director of The Christian Institute Colin Hart said,

“Today’s decision will be a great relief to the many employers who simply think that homosexuality is wrong and don’t want to be forced to validate it by paying financial benefits to homosexual couples.

The court’s decision is simply common sense. No-one ever dreamed that the Equal Treatment Directive could be twisted to apply to homosexuality.

Unfortunately, as the court pointed out, Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty, which has now been agreed by the UK Government, gives the EU institutions power to address “sexual orientation” discrimination. The next time a case like this comes before the Court the outcome may be different, depending on what new legislation the Prime Minister agrees under Article 13.

Not only do 70% of men in this country think that homosexual practice is morally wrong, but the numbers of stable homosexual couples are tiny. According to Government figures only 0.1% of households are headed by a homosexual couple. Gay rights groups are seeking to use the courts to impose their way of life on the majority who think it is wrong.”