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Euro court announcement: Government ties hands of Parliament on gay rights

The Christian Institute today publicly attacked the Government’s reported decision not to defend the Sutherland gay rights case before the European Court of Human Rights. Homosexual campaigners took the Government to court because there is a difference between the age of consent for homosexuals (18) and the age for heterosexuals (16).

Colin Hart, Director of the Christian Institute, said today:

“The Government is, in effect, taking the decision about the age of homosexual consent out of the hands of the British Parliament.”

“According to the massive Sexual Behaviour in Britain study 70% of men believe that homosexuality is ‘always or mostly wrong’. Yet by not defending the case and by the decision to incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights, the Government is strongly encouraging the Court to back gay rights and tie the hands of any future British Parliament. It will also have Europe-wide implications.”

“No UK Government has ever been more committed to homosexual liberation. The triumphalism of the gay rights movement is understandable given the sympathetic position of William Hague and Paddy Ashdown.”

“Only 3 years ago the age of homosexual consent was 21. It was lowered to 18 in 1994. Now they want 16. But gay rights campaigners will not stop there. Many would like to see an age of 12 just like in Holland. Peter Tatchell has openly declared ‘it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.’ “