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Christians gather in Newport to oppose new laws which threaten religious liberty

About 250 Christians from across South Wales met in Newport last night to hear about planned new ‘gay rights’ laws which threaten religious liberty.

The Sexual Orientation Regulations are expected to outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in the provision of goods, facilities and services. The Government wants the regulations to come into force in April.

But church groups fear that many Christian businesses and social projects could be put out of business because of their religious beliefs on sexual ethics. In January the Roman Catholic church said their adoption agencies, which only place children with married couples, face closure. The same would be true of a faith-based old people’s home that refused to offer a double room to a homosexual couple. A Christian printer could be sued if he refused to print material promoting ‘gay rights’.

One of the organisers of last night’s meeting, Rev. Martin G Hulbert, minister of Bethesda Baptist Church, Rogerstone, Newport, said, “We are very concerned about these new laws being planned by our Government. They are an assault on religious liberty. We should not be forced to accept values which are contrary to the Christian faith.”

Speaking at the meeting was Humphrey Dobson, Deputy Director of The Christian Institute (a national public policy research group). Mr Dobson said, “There is great strength of feeling amongst Christians about these regulations. We are being treated like second class citizens simply because of our religious beliefs on sexual ethics. We want the Government to introduce measures which will protect religious liberty and stop the closure of many faith-based businesses and social projects.”