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Christian policy group looks at the parties’ moral agendas: Voting Christianly

The Christian Institute today publishes its analysis of how the three main political parties wish to influence Britain’s moral climate. Speaking today Colin Hart, Director of the Christian Institute, said:

“Politicians have evaded the moral issues on which their parties have clear policies. We are publishing our briefing to put these issues on the agenda.

Traditional Christians are appalled at the liberalising of the divorce laws, the introduction of Sunday trading and the de-regulation of the gambling industry. John Major has backed all of these, although the same cannot be said of much of his party.

The Labour and Liberal parties are committed to a whole programme of gay rights. This includes repealing the law which currently prevents the promotion of homosexuality in schools (‘Clause 28′). Whatever liberal Church leaders might say, the teaching of the Bible that sex is exclusively for marriage has been accepted for two thousand years. Homosexuality is wrong, just as adultery is wrong. Similarly, no traditional Christian could back the Liberals’ plans for regulated brothels.

On abortion, the Liberal Party has changed its mind and now, like the Conservatives, leaves it to the consciences of individual MPs. The position of the Labour Party appears to be unchanged from its 1989 policy review that Labour “supports a woman’s right to choose” and its 1992 manifesto which advocated that abortion be made efficiently available throughout the country. Euthanasia is opposed only by the Conservative Party.

Individuals must decide for themselves who they will vote for. It is a difficult decision. The position of individual candidates may differ from the party on moral issues. It is a serious mistake for any Christian organisation to align itself with a political party. In the USA there has been a tendency for Christians to align themselves with the Republican Party, whilst in Britain Bishops have preached support for Labour. Neither of these approaches is right.”

Note for Editors

The Christian Institute is a Christian policy think tank which researches into social and ethical issues from a Christian perspective. It unashamedly holds to the historic creeds of the Christian Church. The Institute’s Web Site includes MPs’ free votes on abortion, gay rights, divorce and Christian teaching in schools.