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News Release

Christian organisations urge prayer for the referendum

In light of next week’s EU referendum, and in response to requests from Christians, the following organisations have issued a joint statement: CARE, Christian Concern, The Christian Institute, the Christian Medical Fellowship, the Jubilee Centre, The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship.

The statement reads:

“We encourage Christians across the UK to join with us in praying for the forthcoming referendum and its outcome.

“We invite Christians and local churches to make particular use of Sunday 19th June as a special opportunity for prayer for the nation.

“We pray that God may give wisdom to all those eligible to vote in the referendum and to those who govern us, as they respond to the outcome.

“We thank God for the historic and present influence of the gospel, and the freedoms that it has brought.

“We pray that, whatever the outcome of the referendum, God might preserve the freedom to proclaim the gospel, to live according to his ways, to demonstrate his love and to serve others.

“So at this time of national debate and decision, we continue to pray, as our Saviour Jesus Christ taught us, that our Father’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”