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Charity urges Peers not to be swayed on assisted suicide

The Christian Institute is concerned about attempts to weaken the current law on assisted suicide using the Coroners and Justice Bill.

Several amendments on the matter have been tabled, including one from former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer of Thoroton, who wants the law to contain an exemption for individuals who help others travel overseas to commit suicide.

However, the Institute points out that the laws allowing assisted suicide in other countries have produced some worrying consequences. It was recently reported that police were investigating the Swiss suicide facility Dignitas after a depressed but physically healthy man was helped to die there.

The Institute’s Director, Colin Hart, said: “We must not be naive about where attempts to allow assisted suicide will take us. The truly compassionate thing to do is not bow to the demands of a vocal minority, but to protect the vulnerable majority whilst helping those who are suffering.

“That means proper investment in high standards of palliative care, and a robust law that protects everyone’s fundamental right to life.

“No matter what safeguards are included, any law which blurs the line between preserving and ending life will inevitably be abused.

“There are many vulnerable people who need a robust law to protect them. Peers must not be swayed by the euthanasia lobby into exposing them to danger.”