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Charity puts ‘gay rights’ first

The decision by the Children?s Society to lift its ban on homosexual adoption puts the interests of homosexual campaigners over the interests of children.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of The Christian Institute, said today:

“Children are being used as pawns by homosexual activists seeking to legitimise their lifestyle. The Children?s Society, by lifting its ban on homosexual adoption, has played into their hands.

  1. 0% of men think that homosexuality is wrong and 84% think that homosexual parenting is wrong. These views should not be ignored.
  2. Children need both a mother and a father, committed to each other through marriage. Placing children with homosexual couples is wrong. There cannot be the same level of commitment between the couple and the child is deprived of one or other gender role-model.

    There is little research about the effects on children of being brought up by homosexuals. What research there is confirms that it is bad for kids and that the children are more likely to become homosexual themselves. Allowing homosexual adoption is using children as guinea-pigs in a bizarre social experiment.

    The Children?s Society should be required to explain how such a policy could conform with the requirements of its Christian trust deed. The Society must reverse its decision as soon as possible, before any children under its care are actually handed over to a homosexual couple.”