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Breaking: B&B owner’s reaction to Griffin tweet

SUSANNE Wilkinson and her husband Mike issued this statement: “We would like to express our sympathy with the homosexual couple Michael Black and John Morgan.

“We know how it feels to have your address publicised and to receive constant threats, unpleasant statements and misunderstanding.

“Our Christian faith centres on the amazing and undeserved love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all mankind.

“Although Michael and John have chosen to take us to court we bear them no malice. On the contrary we pray for them and for their protection.”

Susanne and Mike Wilkinson are currently abroad on a family holiday, and will not be available for media interviews.

The Christian Institute funded Mrs Wilkinson’s legal defence. Spokesman Mike Judge said: “This is despicable and nasty behaviour by Nick Griffin.

“Michael Black, John Morgan and Susanne Wilkinson have a genuine disagreement about the B&B case, but they have always been polite and reasonable in their differences.

“That’s how a proper lawful debate should be conducted. Susanne was herself targeted by a hate campaign which included threats to burn her house down. She had police patrols protecting her for several months.

“She knows what it’s like to feel threatened and I’m sure her heart goes out to Michael and John. Which ever side of the debate people are on, there is no need for this kind of behaviour.

“All it’s done is shift the focus away from the important debate about equality and civil liberty – a debate which our country needs and one which ought to be conducted in a respectful and civilised manner.”