GE2017: Making your views known

Candidates or their canvassers may come to your door, call by telephone or stop you in the street to ask how you intend to vote. This presents an ideal opportunity to find out where the candidate stands on key moral issues. His or her opinions on these issues can be quite different from the position of their party.

GE2017: Candidate or party?

In the ‘first past the post’ system for Westminster elections you vote for a particular candidate. So there are two key factors which we all must consider when deciding who to vote for. We must consider the candidates and we must consider the parties they represent.

GE2017: Issues on the horizon

The new Parliament elected on 8 June 2017 could vote on new laws affecting religious liberty, freedom of speech, transsexual rights, abortion, designer babies, assisted suicide, teaching on marriage and relationships in schools, divorce liberalisation, drugs legalisation and prostitution.