Mum gets £9 million for ‘wrongful birth’ of disabled son

A mother has won a record £9 million pay-out after saying she would have aborted her son had she known he was disabled.

A High Court judge found in favour of Omodele Meadows, who sued her GP after the birth of her son Adejuwon in 2011.

Adejuwon has a form of haemophilia and is autistic.

Would abort

Meadows took her GP to court because she gave her the all-clear in a haemophilia test four years before she got pregnant.

A judge ruled that if Meadows had known she carried haemophilia, she would have undergone pre-natal testing and opted for an abortion.

Lawyers for the GP agreed to pay £1.4 million in compensation but last week, Mrs Justice Yip ruled that Meadow’s claim of £9 million should be upheld in full.

The judge claimed: “The fact that she says clearly that she would have terminated her pregnancy had she known the baby would have haemophilia is not the same at all as saying that Adejuwon is an unwanted child.”


Meadows is the latest parent to be given compensation for what is legally known as the ‘wrongful birth’ of a child.

In February it emerged that since 2011, the NHS has spent more than £70 million compensating parents who made similar claims.

The payments, disclosed to The Sunday Times, were made for a variety of conditions including Down’s syndrome.

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