BNP must not be allowed to hijack faith, says Lord Carey

The former Archbishop of Canterbury says that the BNP must not be allowed to hijack Christianity.

Lord Carey said all Christians must stand “shoulder-to-shoulder in rejection of Nick Griffin’s notion that ‘Christianity’ has anything to do with his despicable views”.

Lord Carey made the comments in light of the BNP leader’s recent appearance on the BBC’s Question Time.

The former Archbishop said: “To hear the phrase “Christian Britain” coming from the mouth of Nick Griffin made me shudder.”

Lord Carey added: “This squalid racist must not be allowed to hijack one of the world’s great religions.”

He also said: “The views of the BNP are not simply false, they are dangerous, indeed irredeemably evil.”

In May the Archbishops of Canterbury and York jointly urged the public not to vote for the British National Party out of dissatisfaction with MP’s expenses.

In a joint statement, Dr Rowan Williams and Dr John Sentamu asked disillusioned voters not to vote in favour of the BNP in the June European elections.

They warned that the party’s views “are the very opposite of the values of justice, compassion and human dignity which are rooted in our Christian heritage”.

“Christians have been deeply disturbed by the conscious adoption by the BNP of the language of our faith”, the Archbishops said.

They added: “This is not a moment for voting in favour of any political party whose core ideology is about sowing division in our communities and hostility on grounds of race, creed or colour”.

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