Last updated: 7 February 2006
Jerry Springer the Opera
Coming to a theatre near you?


Jerry Springer the Opera is a show that systematically ridicules Christianity and contains hundreds of swear words. It presents the Lord Jesus Christ as a childish, foul-mouthed woman-beater who declares himself to be 'a bit gay'.

Download our leaflet about why it is an 'Intolerant hate show'.

In September 2005 it was announced that a national tour of Jerry Springer the Opera would be revived after a number of regional theatres agreed to subsidise it. Some of this subsidy will be public money. The nationwide tour had been forced to cancel earlier in the year when seven theatres dropped the production in response to protests from Christians and the prospect of picketing outside theatre entrances. The Arts Council of England also refused to fund it.

However, the new tour is now underway and will visit cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and Nottingham. Sadly, it appears that theatres are now seeing the show as a cause célèbre for freedom of expression. It is a tragedy that such a blasphemous and anti-Christian show is considered justifiable on any grounds. We are currently preparing information to help supporters peacefully oppose this tour.

A DVD of Jerry Springer the Opera is now available to buy, but due to receiving complaints about it, Sainsbury's and Tesco have withdrawn it from their shelves. Sadly, Asda and WHSmith are still selling the blasphemous DVD. Woolworths are not selling it in their shops because it has not been commercially popular but it is available from their website. Can you imagine these stores choosing to sell a blatantly anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish video?

Find out what you can do to oppose the sale of the Jerry Springer the Opera DVD.

Earlier in 2005 the High Court refused permission for The Christian Institute to take legal action against the BBC for its broadcast of the show. Prior to the broadcast, the BBC received over 55,000 complaints with a further 8,000 afterwards. In May 2005, Ofcom also rejected almost 17,000 complaints against the show.


A Christian Institute leaflet explaining why the show is so offensive.

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Jerry Springer the Opera presents a very distorted view of Christianity. This leaflet explains 'True Christian Belief'.

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